Leading the Way:

How Boards of Directors Can Engage in Ethics and Compliance 

Compiling insights from nearly 630 ethics, compliance, and legal executives around the world, part two of our 2021 Ethics & Compliance Program Effectiveness Report explores the impact of boards on E&C programs and includes all the data you need to demonstrate the strategic value of E&C to executive leadership. 

A few notable findings from the report:

  • Employees in organizations with boards engaged in measures of accountability were 1.6x more likely to do the right thing, even if it’s not in their personal best interests.

  • 61% of organizations with boards engaged in E&C substantially modified or abandoned a business initiative in the past year due to consideration of ethics and compliance risk, whereas only 20% of organizations with less engaged boards did so.  

  • Organizations with engaged boards were 2.5x more likely to emphasize values rather than rules to inspire employees to do the right thing in difficult circumstances.


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Download the report to: 

  • Magnify your effectiveness and resources. 
  • Demonstrate the strategic value of E&C to executive leadership. 
  • Satisfy regulatory guidance by training your board on proper oversight.