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Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act*


 The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) helps employees with disabilities participate in the economy equally with other workers, reducing or eliminating barriers that have historically hindered their access to the workplace. This updated course introduces the essential features of the ADA and the practices employers should follow, both before and after they hire employees.

*Replaces HUR420



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Speaking Up and Standing Up for What's Right: Reporting and Retaliation New-1.jpg

Hotline, Reporting & Investigations

Speaking up when something’s wrong is the right thing to do. We all know this, and yet it can be very difficult to report something inappropriate at work. This short, three-part, configurable course centers on why people choose not to report things and suggests ways to overcome obstacles and find the courage to speak out. It also helps learners understand what to expect after an incident is reported, the possibility of retaliation, and how to handle it.


HIPAA: An Overview New-1.jpg

Healthcare & Pharma

This course introduces learners to the importance of the HIPAA rules from a broad, high-level perspective, focusing learner attention on the why and how of HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act), and delivering underlying, key principles and behaviors to apply to any situation. The intended audience for this course is any employee who may be exposed to protected health information (PHI) at work.


Workplace Harassment: A Canadian Perspective New-1.jpg

Harassment & Discrimination

Designed to be used individually as a microlearning module or as a region-specific module within the full course, this addition to HUR114: Workplace Harassment: A Global Perspective covers Canada-specific anti-harassment regulations.


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