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HIPAA: An Overview New-1.jpg

 Healthcare & Pharma

This course introduces learners to the importance of the HIPAA rules from a broad, high-level perspective, focusing learner attention on the why and how of HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act), and delivering underlying, key principles and behaviors to apply to any situation. The intended audience for this course is any employee who may be exposed to protected health information (PHI) at work.


Workplace Harassment: A Canadian Perspective New-1.jpg

 Harassment & Discrimination

Designed to be used individually as a microlearning module or as a region-specific module within the full course, this addition to HUR114: Workplace Harassment: A Global Perspective covers Canada-specific anti-harassment regulations.



Updated Courses This Month

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Update Type
What Were The Updates
HUR728 Monsters at Work: A Workplace Bullying Vignette Harassment & Discrimination Technical Updated SRT file
COM210 #chuckleheads: A Careful Communications Vignette Respectful Communications & Social Media Technical Updated SRT file
HUR718 Preventing Sexual Harassment (ME Edition – Supervisors) Harassment & Discrimination Technical Update SRT file
ETH112 Preventing Fraud in the Insurance Industry Corporate Governance Content Moved/adjust title on one panel
ETH231 Ethical Sales Practices Ethical Leadership Content Added missing PDF
INT412 Understanding Global Competition Antitrust & Competition Content Minor content updates to knowledge check
HUR742 Preventing Sexual Harassment (NY Edition) Harassment & Discrimination Content Important updates regarding GENDA & Updated infographic
DPP003 An Introduction to Cybersecurity Data Protection & Privacy Content Fixed typos & fixed broken hyperlink
COM457 You Know Me So Well: A Data Privacy Vignette Data Protection & Privacy Media Updated image
COM414 Understanding Information Security and Protection Data Protection & Privacy Content Minor content updates to bring course up to date
ETH097 Modular Code of Conduct Ethics & Compliance Program Management Content Removed reference to outdated material
HUR421 Understanding Americans with Disabilities Act Employment Content Fixed typo
HUR738 Trust & Respect in the Workplace: A Zero-Tolerance Stance on Sexual Harassment for Supervisors Harassment & Discrimination Content Updated infographic
HUR740 Preventing Sexual Harassment (CA Edition) Harassment & Discrimination Content Updated infographic
DBA312 Antibribery: The Corruption Files Bribery & Competition Content Updated hyperlink



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Preventing Sexual Harassment (CA Employee Edition) New-1.jpg

Harassment & Discrimination

Everyone has the right to work in a safe and respectful work environment that is free from sexual harassment. Each coworker must remember that the workplace is a public environment, and everyone is responsible for maintaining appropriate actions. Addressing all requirements under California law, including the mandatory 60-minute training duration, this course covers the various aspects of sexual harassment, including who's protected against it, how and where it can happen, and the actions you can take to prevent it.


Government Contracts: Truthful Cost or Pricing Data (TINA)*

Government Contracting & Relationships

Contract negotiations with the federal government are unlike negotiations with commercial customers. Under the Truthful Cost or Pricing Data law (commonly referred to as TINA), a contractor must guarantee that it provided the government complete, accurate, and current information about its costs and prices. This course discusses when TINA applies and explains the details of the regulation.

*Replaces DEF231


The Federal Acquisition Regulation: Ethics, Compliance, and Mandatory Disclosure Requirement*

Government Contracting & Relationships

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of rules in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and FAR Subpart 3.10, the Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, which requires important ethics obligations for government contractors.

*Replaces DEF260


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCC DSS)*

This course provides a high-level overview of the PCI data security standard, reviews real-world examples of data breaches and their consequences, and outlines the basic requirements for PCI compliance.

*Replaces COM607


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