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New Courses Released This Month

Designed for optimal instructional and learner experience, our newest courses are engaging, accessible, mobile-optimized, and configurable to your organization's needs using our Customizer tool. Each course uses active scenario-based learning to deliver the most effective educational experience. Updates include regulatory and legal changes as well as conversions of existing courses to mobile-ready HTML5 format. 


download-5.jpg A Look at Unconscious Bias at Work  New-1.jpg
HUR735   Foundational Course

This course highlights the ethical issue of allowing bias to influence our decision-making and how we treat others in the workplace. It also offers strategies we can use when observing unconscious bias in ourselves and others.

download-1-2.jpg Handle with Care: A Trade Secrets Vignette  New-1.jpg
This vignette provides a reminder of the value and importance of trade secrets to your business.  See if this employee can withstand the pressures of a grueling interrogation and keep their company’s most important assets – its trade secrets – safe.
download-2-1.jpg Trade Secrets: A Catalyzing Conversation  New-1.jpg
Intellectual Property Experiential Toolkit

Lead a live discussion on trade secrets video scenarios. This toolkit provides a catalyst for conversation, discussion questions, key learning points, and step-by-step guidance.

download-3-1.jpg Bribery: A Catalyzing Conversation  New-1.jpg
ABC003Experiential Toolkit

Lead a live discussion on bribery video scenarios. This toolkit provides a catalyst for conversation, discussion questions, key learning points, and step-by-step guidance.

download-4-1.jpg Trade Sanctions: An Overview  
DBA254  Trade Controls  Foundational Course | Replaces DBA231

This course provides an overview of U.S. trade sanctions, including why these programs exist, to whom they apply, and what they mean for our business.


 Updated Courses Released This Month


Course Title Topic Area Update Type What Was Updated
HUR730 U.S. Employment Law for managers Employment Technical Updated menu
COM414 Understanding Information Security and Protection Privacy & Data Protection Technical Deleted unused panel
ETH098 Model Code of Conduct Ethics & Compliance Program Management Technical Updated knowledge check functionality
COM218 Pause Before Posting: A Social Media Refresher Communications & Social Media Technical Republished course

Coming Soon to The Library

To help you plan your curriculum, the following courses are coming soon. 

Course Title Topic Area  Short Description

Understanding the Physician Payments Sunshine Act

Replaces: HEA107 

Healthcare & Pharma

This course guides employees of pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and other covered entities on meeting the Physician Payments Sunshine Act’s standard of transparency when making payments to physicians and teaching hospitals.

Respectful Communication: A Catalyzing Conversation
Communications This Catalyzing Conversation Toolkit provides you with everything you need to facilitate an interactive offline discussion following a short video around Respectful Communication.

Respectful Communication: A Vignette


This short, entertaining vignette illustrates what really happens when workplace communication isn’t respectful.

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