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Building Bridges: Regaining Trust After It's Been Lost  |  WEBINAR

Is it possible to regain the trust of a person, a group, a company, a nation, after losing it? The common threads that used to keep society functionally cohesive have become unraveled over the past decades. Boundaries of fairness, decency, and respect have been shattered, as factions--be they be based on politics, race, religion, economics, extremism--operate in their own bubbles, believing to be true whatever supports their narrative and cause.

LRN's Ty Francis MBE moderated a panel to explore these questions with a distinguished panel that has faced these questions in their daily work. The panel includes Stephanie Davis of Volkswagen of America; Olga Pontes of Novonor, formerly Odebrecht; Florence Chung of Engage Public Safety; and neuroscientist and entrepreneur Paul Zak of Immersion Neuroscience.