LRN Corporation and Tapestry Networks give board members and CEOs tools to build ethical culture and lift business outcomes

This new report  for 2022 provides guidance for board members to improve oversight of company culture, collaborate with executive management to strengthen culture, and drive positive outcomes across key measures of business performance including customer satisfaction, employee loyalty, innovation, and growth.

Assessing Corporate Culture: A Practical Guide to Improving Board Oversight reflects insights from nearly 40 directors and executives representing more than 60 public companies, including some of the largest companies in the world.

  • A roadmap for board members: CEOs, and c-suite executives to gain a clearer picture of their company’s ethical culture and determine how to improve it throughout the enterprise

  • Created with the input of sitting public company directors and executives:  Part of the Ethics, Culture, and Compliance Network (ECCN) Culture Measurement Working Group and compiled by LRN and Tapestry Networks.

  •  A tool kit for defining a “good” culture by doing more than just telling companies what a good culture looks like: For a board, the work of leading by example is setting tone from the top.

  • A list of compelling questions: use this one-of-a-kind resource for board reflection and sparking important conversations with management.


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