Reinvent Business Report

Read About a Hackathon That Challenged Teams to Unleash the Humanity Inside Organizations
Why Reinvent Business?


As people connect with one another at a faster pace and on a broader scale, the impact of their behavior is duly amplified in our interconnected world.

This escalation provokes a fresh examination of corporate behavior and its effect on civil society, the environment, and workers. Our current crises—financial or otherwise—are the result of behavior, at both an individual and institutional level.

In 2012, global design and innovation firm frog and LRN came together to create a forum for envisioning a more human and social enterprise and organized a two-day “hackathon” called Reinvent Business.

This report discusses:

  • The ideas behind the Reinvent Business Hackathon
  • The task presented to the hackathon teams
  • Teams and their concepts
  • 5 key takeaways from the event

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