Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Workplace - LRN is Here to Help

From policies, prevention training, and overall culture assessment and change, we help organizations elevate behavior and build cultures in which all colleagues are treated with dignity and respect.

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LRN's curriculum helps address sexual harassment in your workplace through the lens of power and gender inequality. Our experts tackle the role of power dynamics at work, and even underlying gender equality issues, to help both supervisors and employees realize this is not chiefly an issue of sex, but a type of harassment based on power.

In addition to eLearning modules, this interactive program is rich with training tips for putting insights into action, including:

- Talking points to help managers
- Infographics to deploy after the eLearning
- A poster to reinforce messaging
- Tips for creating your own video message

This toolkit lets everyone know that sexual harassment has no place at your workplace and will not be tolerated. 

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Our curriculum covers the following key topics – and more:


Accountability Starts with Me


Listening and Responding Appropriately


Behaving, Observing and Maintaining the Tone at Work

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Our Governance, Culture & Leadership (GCL) team can help your organization in ways ranging from conducting "Speak Up, Listen Up" workshops to in-depth culture assessments to policy assessments.

More than a list of do and don't behaviors, policies should focus on the intent and emotional impact of an action and reflect a company's values.

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