Ethics & Compliance for Pharma:  2015 Survey Report

How can Pharma E&C training be improved? LRN surveys over 100 Pharma E&C leaders.

What ails E&C training in Pharma? 


At CBI's Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress 2015, LRN conducted a survey on the issues most often faced by Pharma E&C professionals work. No stranger to the unique challenges that pharma E&C faces that differ from the wider world of compliance, this survey is an insightful and candid look into feedback from industry leaders on issues such as:

  • What do you think is the biggest difference between E&C in Pharma and other industries?
  • What one huge thing is missing from your E&C program?
  • What instructional design element do you think is most effective in educating Pharma employees? 


Pharma Survey Report

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