Maximum Impact: E&C Program Effectiveness Beyond Design and Implementation

How Do You Measure E&C Program Effectiveness?
Evaluating Your E&C Program Depends on Your Ability to Measure What You Value


In recent years, companies have been spending more time, money, and manpower on ethics & compliance programs, with the average spend rising by as much as 10% annually.  The importance and range of responsibilities of these programs and depatments are growing, and quickly.

But for all the money being spent, roles being fulled, and all of the increased focus on E&C as a key corporate function, we still have not determined with any degree of confidence whether anything our E&C departments are doing actually works.  

Download this whitepaper to learn about LRN's Program Effectiveness Index (PEI) and how it can help you understand how effective your organization's E&C Program is.  This whitepaper also discusses:

  • Program Effectiveness as Defined by the Regulators
  • 3 major roles that E&C programs play
  • Key PEI findings
  • Highly effective programs vs. less effective programs

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