Want to Improve E&C Program Effectiveness? Focus on Blended Learning

What Makes an E&C Program Effective?


Our research and experience suggest that adoption of a strong blended learning approach to E&C education and communications is the most cost-effective, feasible way to create a more impactful E&C program.

Blended learning uses a range of delivery formats (e.g., online, mobile, live), instructional strategies (e.g., scenario and game-based learning) and communication tools to build knowledge, develop skills and change behaviors.

By delivering E&C content more frequently through a variety of channels, blended learning addresses different employee learning styles, combats training fatigue, offers a more relevant, engaging and social approach to E&C learning, and prepares leaders at all levels to set the tone in the middle.

This whitepaper discusses:

  • Some of the challenges faced by E&C educators.
  • A research-based case for adopting blended learning.
  • Practical suggestions for developing a blended learning strategy.
  • Case studies of successful blended learning programs at leading companies.

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