The HOW Report

New Metrics for a New Reality: Rethinking the Source of Resiliency, Innovation, and Growth

HOW we do Business is More Important Than Ever


The HOW Report contains the data from a Governance, Culture and Leadership assessment conducted of 36,280 employees from 18 countries.

The report provides a view into organizational behaviors and how they impact business performance outcomes. These new metrics, called HOW MetricsTM, are the data points that corroborate the idea that culture and behavior are the driving forces behind business results.

Download the report to learn more about its four major findings:

  • Self-governance is rare across the world.
  • Self-governing organizations in all 18 countries in this study outperform other types of organizations across every important performance outcome.
  • There is a marked disconnect between the C-suite and the employees they lead.
  • Trust, shared values, and a deep understanding of and commitment to a purpose-inspired mission are fundamental.

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