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Clinton Global Initiative Case Study

Non-Profits Need to Work on Culture Too


Non-profit organizations are facing an array of new challenges brought forth by hyper interconnectivity and heightened levels of transparency, such as shrinking governmental aid pools and new stakeholder demands.

While many non-profits have a well-defined mission and purpose, that is not sufficient to respond nimbly to these new dynamics. They need to rethink their missions, define their core organizational values, and then ensure the alignment of their leaders and employees across the globe.

As part of our 2011 Clinton Global Initiative commitment, LRN pledged to provide two nonprofit institutions with the education, mentoring, and tools needed to develop a more values-based and principled approach to leadership, governance, and culture. This case study outlines LRN’s work with The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) and Population Services International (PSI).

This case study includes:

  • The unique challenges faced by each non-profit
  • Cultural developments implemented as a result of partnership with LRN
  • 5 key lessons learned about building culture

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