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Is Your Code of Conduct an Effective Tool?

Bring_Your_Code_to_Life_WPCompanies are under greater scrutiny than ever in connection with how they do business, rather than simply what they do. Codes of Conduct ought to be the primary resource and guide for employees to turn to when questions about behavior arise.

Unfortunately, codes exhibit a narrow focus on compliance, a lack of business relevance, and dry content that too often fails to connect with company purpose and values, leaving employees uncertain about why the right behaviors matter.

Download this whitepaper to learn about a more effective approach to Codes of Conduct that connects employees with a sense of purpose that can build sustainable, resilient, and thriving organizations.

This whitepaper answers the following questions:

  • What does a mission-oriented, values-based code look like?
  • How can your code be socialized so that it becomes a living document?

Download the Whitepaper

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